“Slow Cooker Tortilla Cheese and Meat Bake” is a fantastic layered dish made with ground beef, onions, garlic, tortillas enchilada sauce, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, chili beans, corn, and olives. To me, that sounds like a good combination of ingredients.

There are three main layers to this dish: The first layer contains tortilla strips topped with browned ground beef and onions, followed by portions of the enchilada sauce, tomato sauce, and cheese. The second layer consists of another layer of tortilla strips topped with the beans and corn, the remaining meat and onions, and another portion of the cheese. The third layer begins with another layer of tortilla strips, the remaining portions of the sauces, and the remaining cheese. Olives are scattered over the top. After seven hours of slow cooking on low heat, you get a tasty, satisfying main dish that makes the perfect entrée for a cold winter night. Of course, there are plenty of leftovers for the next night or two.

Slow Cooker Tortilla Cheese and Meat Bake” is also great for large winter gatherings, because it can serve up to twenty people. If you’re planning a Super Bowl party, I think this would be a good recipe to make and would be an unexpected treat. Enjoy!